We are launching our second Chordata Cohort in the fall of 2019, with in-person retreats in October and March. For more details, check out the application, due July 15th.

We work with powerful, passionate, young people with inherited wealth who want to bring their investments into alignment with their intentions and purpose.

Chordata Capital is pleased to announce

we will be launching our second

cohort program in Fall of 2019!

We’ve learned a lot from our first cohort. We’ve seen how powerful and needed this work is. We’ve seen how important it is to include ritual, personal practices and concrete action to support transforming your investment practices. We’ve also deepened our relationships with collaborators and presenters who are boldly growing community-controlled loan funds, holistic investments that support Black sovereignty, and investment structures that are deeply nourishing and non-extractive.


This fall’s cohort will launch in September 2019, and have it’s first in-person gathering at the Watershed Center in Millerton, NY (outside of NYC) from October 12-15th 2019. The second in-person gathering will happen March 12-15th 2020 at the Highlander Research and Education Center in New Market, TN.


We are looking for 5-10 people with inherited wealth who’d like to come together to collectively shift their investment portfolio into alignment with their commitments to wealth redistribution and reparations. If that’s you, please be in touch! If it’s not you, do you know any folks that could use support in shifting their investment portfolios? We have found that this program is great for investors who want to continue working with their existing advisor or family office, but want more support understanding the landscape and strategies for investing in racial and economic justice.



The Chordata Cohort is at the center of our work. Moving out of isolation and into community is essential for transforming financial practices, which is why we use a cohort model. In this model, a small group of people with inherited wealth, and shared values and goals, learn and work together. Working collectively breaks down patterns of stuckness, perfectionism, and individualism, while building shared analysis and practices. In community with our financial activists allies, the cohort will develop and implement strategies and collaborative models for moving resources.

Chordata Cohort is a 9-month program, co-facilitated by Kate Poole and Tiffany Brown, that moves financial advising relationships out of isolation into community by bringing together 5-10 people with inherited wealth to decode their investments, reflect on their history, transform financial patterns, and work with innovative financial activists to experiment with emergent investment strategies.

Together we will:


Use storytelling, political education, and personal practice to reflect on the history of how wealth has been built

  • Overview of key historical events that exacerbated the racial wealth divide in this country
  • Connect the historical timeline with participant’s family history of wealth accumulation
  • Dig into each individual’s money story and how wealth was accumulated, then researching the land, communities, and events that wealth was built on
  • Learn about resistance to the enclosure and concentration of wealth, meet the movements and groups building the next economy
  • Build skill sets for working together across difference and navigating power, race, and class

Crack the code and map out paths forward

  • Work 1-on-1 to develop a shared in-depth knowledge of existing holdings
  • Explore how much is enough
  • Figure out what’s most important and draft an Investment Policy Statement
  • Articulate different paths forward for divestment, reinvestment, and reparations
  • Offer analysis, strategy, and options for Donor Advised Funds

Blend one-on-one coaching and group learning to support the collective goal of taking shared risk

  • Complete two rounds of goal setting: financial planning, personal and investment goals
  • Include 1-on-1 coaching with Kate and Tiffany and in addition to peer coaching
  • Two in-person retreats on the West Coast to go deep on shared risk and direct deals with our movement partners

Learn by doing! We will take conversations that are often hypothetical, and introduce opportunities to make -the shifts and practice together

  • Develop an integrated approach to giving and investing
  • Transition existing investments to more expansive radical possibilities
  • Practice moving money to Community Lending vehicles.
  • Practice evaluating direct deals and making direct investments
  • Compare different due diligence practices and process our learning together

One of the most exciting parts of the cohort will be learning from and collaborating with financial activists on the leading edge of creating restorative and reparative investment vehicles.

  • Solidarity Economy movement leaders will offer readings and presentations, along with intimate conversations that dive into the tensions and contradictions playing out in the impact investing field
  • We will bridge between wealths and financial activists (primarily people of color), to facilitate a supportive, cross-class, multiracial group that co-develops strategies and structures for collective investment

All this work will be supported with embodied practices to connect the head and the heart. Powerful wisdom lives in the body, and when we are grounded in our spirit transformation is possible.

Can you see yourself in a year, having travelled through this process and emerged with your investments in integrity and alignment? Feeling grounded and clear, and in sweet community?

Kate Poole and Tiffany Brown, the principals of Chordata Capital, are investment advisory representatives of Natural Investments LLCNatural Investments is an independent Registered Investment Advisor firm. Chordata Capital is not a registered entity and is not an affiliate or subsidiary of Natural Investments.

Kate Poole and Tiffany Brown, the principals of Chordata Capital, are investment advisory representatives of Natural Investments LLCNatural Investments is an independent Registered Investment Advisor firm. Chordata Capital is not a registered entity and is not an affiliate or subsidiary of Natural Investments.

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